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JRC Reopening Form

JRC reopening procedures & policies form

The government have announced that the leisure industry may be able to begin to reopen to the general public soon. When the government do allow us to reopen, we will work with British Gymnastics to do so safely.
Whenever we can reopen our doors, we want to keep our members safe by creating a reopening procedures & policies plan. This will determine how sessions are run and will ensure everyone can train in a safe environment.
To create this plan to the best it can be, we need to know how many of our members plan on returning as soon as we reopen. We understand many are waiting to run through those front doors as soon as they are open and some are still very hesitant. We assure you that government health and safety guidelines will be followed upon reopening. The safest of our participants and coaches is our top priority.
We have created a form, in which you can tell us if you will be returning to your session or not. If you click that you will not be returning, please fill out the feedback box. At this moment in time, selecting “No” will not affect your position in the session.
Please fill out the form and click the submit button below to ensure we receive it.


If there are specific safety procedures you would like to see, please state them below and we will take them into consideration.

Your feedback could shape our procedures & policies.