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Inter-Regional Challenge Cup Final Report

On 3rd & 4th September, the South East team travelled to Sheffield for the Inter-Regional Challenge Cup Final (IRCC). Within the South East Team, Jumpers had 23 entries across all three disciplines. We had a total of 3 medallists, with two of those being Gold and one being Silver!

We’d first like to give a big shoutout to the South East coaches for all their hard work over the weekend and we’d like to thank them for looking after al the gymnasts who competed, especially the ones from Jumpers!

Ashley, with the assistance of James F, was the designated Team Manager for this event and put in a lot of time throughout the weekend to make sure everything was running smoothly. James F, Ollie & James C were all assigned coaches for the event while Martin was allocated to judging! Thank you guys for all your hard work!

The full list of results is below:


L1 9-10 M – Atilla Sagbasan – 8th
L2 9-10 M – Drew Bates – 1st 🥇
L2 9-10 F – Layla Davis – 10th
L2 13-14 F – Annie Davoren – 9th
L3 9-10 F – Olivia Breaker – 8th
L3 11-12 M – Mark Richardson – 10th
L3 11-12 F – Olivia Cooper – 22nd
L3 13-14 F – Erin Jones – 12th
L4 11-12 M – Lucas Hill-Moorey – 5th
L4 13-14 F – Emelia Ward – 6th
L4 17+ F – Emma Brown – 7th


L1 9-12 F – Sophie Freeman – 13th
L1 9-12 M – Lucas Hill-Moorey – 1st 🥇
L2 13+ M – Charlie Freeman – 11th
L2 13+ F – Canay Sagbasan – 2nd 🥈
L2 13+ F – Summer Denniss – 19th
L3 13-14 F – Emelia Ward – 7th
L3 15-16 F – Alexa Jones – 6th
L3 17+ F – Elizabeth Lowings – 4th


L4 9-10 F – Layla Davis – 16th
L4 13-14 F – Jessica Welsh – 7th
L4 15+ F – Summer Denniss – 14th

Big thank you once again to all the South East Coaches for your support all weekend and a big congratulations to the whole South East Team, you all did a fantastic job and should be super proud!