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Trampolining, DMT and tumbling – The closest you’ll come to flying

We’re a ‘Rebound Centre which means we cater for all different disciplines of the sport. This includes trampolining, synchronised trampolining, double mini trampoline and even tumbling.

In the early 1930s, George Nissen watched trapeze artistes performing tricks when bouncing off the safety net. He made the first modern trampoline in his garage to reproduce this on a smaller scale and used it to help with his diving and tumbling training.

Today it is a gymnastics discipline as well as a competitive Olympic sport in which athletes perform acrobatics while bouncing on a tightly sprung web of elastic. A routine consists of 10 moves and is scored out of 10 by judges giving marks for height, difficulty and execution.

In synchronised trampolining, two athletes perform exactly the same routine of ten skills at the same time on two adjacent trampolines. Each athlete is scored separately by a pair of judges for their form in the same manner as for individual competitions. Additional judges score the pair for synchronisation.

A double mini-trampoline is smaller than a regulation competition trampoline. It has a sloped end and a flat bed. The gymnasts run up and jump onto the sloping end and then jump onto the flat part before dismounting onto a mat. Skills are performed during the jumps or as they dismount.

Tumbling, mixes skills of gymnastics with those of trampolining. It is sometimes carried out on a 25-meter-long sprung track. Competitors perform two passes, each containing eight skills, along the track. In competition, only feet and hands are allowed to make contact with the track.


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