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Trampoline Parties

Celebrate your birthday at JRC! Whatever your age, come and enjoy Trampoline Parties with some expert coaching and lots of fun.

What do our birthday parties involve?

A chance to perfect your bouncing on some of the best equipment in the world, as well as having lots and lots of fun!

The Trampoline section of the party will last for 1 hour. All parties involve general trampolining, learning the skills appropriate to the general ability of those involved, trampoline games and a chance to play in our foam pit, a high point for young and old alike (please note the use of pit is subject to availability).

All this is provided by our qualified coaches in a safe and friendly environment.

All party attendees, parents and guardians should adhere to the following rules:

  • Participants should come in appropriate clothing, preferably long trousers (tracksuit bottoms) and t-shirts, and must wear socks. Jeans, dresses/skirts, or any item with buckles or belts are not suitable for trampolining.  The coach will refuse participation to anyone not wearing suitable clothing.
  • ALL jewellery should be removed before the party starts. This includes all earrings (including studs), friendship bracelets, body piercings plus all other items.  Children will not be able to participate if they are wearing jewellery.
  • Parents or guardians wishing to photograph or film the party must fill in an authorisation form prior to the party with proof of identity. These are available from Reception or the Duty Manager
  • Participants and those watching must take off their shoes before entering the hall
  • The coach is responsible for the children attending the party, but with small children, help would be appreciated in controlling the children whilst they are waiting their turn

The rules stated above are for your safety and comfort.  Please ensure that all your party guests are aware of the rules to avoid any disappointment on the day of the party.

Rooms are also available for post-party food.  As we do not have catering facilities, food must be provided by the party host.

The room is available for 1½ hours.  You will be allowed into the room 15 minutes before the time on the trampoline finishes and will have 15 minutes after the party to set down (please note rooms can be hired for a longer time if required).  Room should be left in same tidy condition as found at the beginning of the party.  Vacuum cleaners and dustbin bags are available, please ask at Reception.

Please do not let the children run around the galleries.


Party for up to 12 people £75.00
1 or 2 Extra attendees  £5.40 Per person
Up to 18 Children  £107.50
Up to 24 children £150.00
Room Hire* £30.00 for 1½ hours

* Room hire includes setting up and clearing away.  Please ensure that the room is left as it was found.

A non-refundable £20.00 deposit will be required when booking your party

How to book

If you’d like to find out more information or to make a booking for one of our Trampoline Parties package then speak to us today and tell us a little bit more about what you’ll require.

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