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Tumbling Classes


Tumbling Classes

One of the newest additions to our competitive disciplines is the Tumbling programme. Tumbling is know as the 100 metre sprint of gymnastics. You are powering down a tumble track, performing somersaults at high speeds. To sign up to our Tumbling classes, you must be able to perform a cartwheel competently. Starting off with the basic fundamentals needed in Tumbling, working their way up to a national competitive standard.

Our Tumbling classes are competitive classes, so gymnasts are expected to compete in competition when requested to.


We have three different Tumbling classes, all based on the ability of the gymnast. These are the prices for each group.

Beginner Tumbling – £4.70

NDP Tumbling – £6.70

Top Squad – £10.10

Payment is still due even if the child is absent, unless holiday allowance is taken, more information on this can be found once joining. By the third week, you are required to have signed up for British Gymnastics membership and Club Membership, this is mandatory for these sessions.

Our Tumbling Classes are extremely popular, with a waiting list already after only just three years of offering the discipline. If you are interested in starting your Tumbling journey, don’t hesitate, get your child on the waiting list now to guarantee your space in one of our classes.


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meet the team

Before you start your sessions, why not meet the coaching team. All of our coaches are DBS checked and all sessions are run by British Gymnastics Qualified Coaches. Our coaches are always on hand and will be happy to speak to about any interests or concerns you have, either in person or via email.