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Blossoming in Birmingham

Jumpers had a strong team travel to the National Age Group Championships over the weekend. We had 11 athletes take part, 9 of these qualified through to the final, one member bought back a Silver medal and two of our team bought back Gold medals. We also had PBs (Personal Bests) flying all over the place with such joy being bought to our team.  Below is a brief report of each person’s achievements.

Joseph Watson – Joseph was in the 11 to 12 Boys section and had a great competition. He pieced together a great first routine scoring 8s for his execution. He also improved his PB Voluntary score not only in the prelim round but again in the final in which he finished in 5th position, less than a mark away from the bronze medal.

Jayden Boreham – Jayden was in the 13 to 14 Boys section and put together a strong set routine scoring well across all the areas and a great voluntary to secure him a final position finishing 7th. Within that final he encountered some travel and unfortunately finished his routine early to drop to 8th place.

Kian Terry – Kian was in the 15 to 16 section and started well with a good set routine scoring over 8s for execution. His second routine had a few issues towards the end but his persistence achieved him a finals place. Within the final his last warm up showed a beautiful start to the routine, sadly a mistimed take off in skill one saw an awkward landing and a stop to the routine, Kian finished in 7th position.

Josh Constable – Josh was in the 17 to 21 Mens section and started us with a great routine, hitting a PB and securing him a 3rd position going into the final. Within that final Josh started well but had to adjust slightly after his triple somersault and encountered some errors. He held his nerve to finish though and ended up in 5th position.

Peter Buravytskiy – Peter was in the Senior Mens section and within the Prelim showed his skills with a beautiful routine scoring massively to easily make the final in 2nd position, within that final he sadly came too close to the side pad and it stopped his routine. Peter finished in 7th position.

Sophie Yates – Sophie was in the 11 to 12 girls section and really showed all of her hard work with jumping height had paid off smashing her previous jump heights. Due to this work she qualified for the final in 5th position. Within that final she fought hard and produced a good routine to finish in 8th. It’s worth noting that group was so strong, there was only 2 marks separating 8th to 1st.

Ella Bahamondes-Tedham – Ella was in the 13 to 14 girls section and from start to finish showed her beautiful form and how that can really help if your jump height isn’t as strong. Ella actually achieved 9s for her first routine and after a great second routine, she actually lead going into the final. Within that final she upped her PB vol score and held her position to be crowned 13 to 14 National Age Group Winner.

Holly Keeping – Holly was in the 15 to 16 Girls section and knew how tough this group was. She would have to produce her best work to stand a chance of advancing to the British Championships. Holly definitely stepped up and achieved PBs in both routines to finish in 12 position and definitely put in her contention for a British space.

Louise Brownsey – Louise was in the Senior Ladies section and was in need of rekindling her confidence. She stepped up to the plate and smashed out 3 strong routines including a competition PB in the final to win her group and be crowned Senior Ladies National Age Group Champion.

Jess Dawes – Jess was competing in the 15 to 16 Ladies Tumbling Section. Her first pass had a double back straight ending, to which she landed better than she has all year. Within her second pass, she was stepping up to try a transition, which is a double in the middle of the track and then continue to keep tumbling. This is a big thing for a 15 to 16, she completed the transition and managed to keep the momentum but unfortunately was slightly short in the finishing double. Jess finished in 11th position.

Reece Buck – Reece was in the 17 to 21 Mens DMT Section and had been a strong force all year, he started well with a big pass, really showing that as a strong pass in his collection. The 2nd pass encountered a landing discussion and unfortunately only got marked out of 1 skill. Due to his strong work in pass 1 though he still qualified for the final in 4th place. Within the final he started shakily with a pass but not the pass he intended. He showed his mental strength though to hold himself together and smash his last pass to climb up to a silver medal finish.

The next step for these athletes is to see whether or not they qualify for the British Championships in October. The British will mix age groups together to generate a YOUTH (10 and 11 to 12) JUNIOR (13 to 14 and 15 to 16) and SENIOR (17 to 21 and Seniors) This will therefore be the cream of the crop of British Talent and hopefully Jumpers have several people qualify for this event. Qualification lists will be out soon so fingers crossed for our Team.

Massive thank you goes out to Martin Laws and Mark Baker, who judged all weekend. James Coomber, Ollie Reis and Ashley Reed headed up the coaching team and also a huge thank you to all the staff and volunteers that stayed behind at Jumpers to keep the centre going.