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Job Vacancy – Cleaner

Ros Pearce, who has cleaned our Centre for over 20 years, is retiring we would like to thank her for all her work she has been amazing! Ros mainly worked in the early hours of the morning, she was always there after an event/competition so that we could come in the next day with the Centre back in good order. Ros had two jobs and throughout our closure has doubled up her work on NHS wards so she has been an inspiration to us all.
We wish her a happy retirement and a well-earned rest.
On that now we need to replace and have an opening for one or two people to clean and be flexible sometimes on hours which are approximately 20 – 25 hours total a week to be available Monday – Friday to clean early morning and Sundays after competitions which are may be 10-15 events per year. If anyone is interested or knows or someone that is please contact liz@trampoline.co.uk for further information.
Thank you.