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Dear All,

When we last talked about the club situation, we had no real idea what was heading our way. We knew we had a wage bill of close to £25k a month and therefore under 3 months in reserves. But we still have rates and services plus we have recently purchased new foam for our pit at the cost of around £18k.

We have as you know furloughed all staff with the exception of Ros (our cleaner) for the first 3 week block which now seems to be going to be extended, and have taken James Ferrari off of furlough for the following 3 weeks then review to support general information out to all, as we are all banned from doing anything whilst on furlough.

Back at the start we talked about members still needing to pay to keep the club alive, and that is now only mandatory until March 20th as we were still offering running sessions.

A few members have continued to pay and others haven’t.

The situation of furlough and promises from HMRC change the situation slightly. If we get our 80% from HMRC then we will be in a lot better place, but still down the 20% wages and all the rates/services and other costs out.

If we do receive these funds, we will offer refunds to parents that have paid after the 20th March, and use gift aid for those who don’t wish to claim it back.

Those parents who haven’t paid up to 20th will now be out of membership and will need to go back on the waiting list on a first come first served basis on our return.

On our return those who have paid up to and including the 20th March will be offered a 3 month extension to their club membership, not including car parking. This is a thank you for staying loyal to the club and to compensate for some lost training time whilst we are out of action.

We do also have two grants which we have applied for, but struggling as most of the money is for low turnover businesses and we have already been rejected for one for too higher rates. £51 max and ours is £96k but we will continue to fight this.

Behind the scenes we are still trying to keep the club safe and James Ferrari will be there for you to talk to.

We thank you all for your support and hopefully will be able to overcome this very difficult situation we are all in.

Keep safe.


Martin Laws
Managing Director of Jumpers Rebound Centre


(Please understand that we only have one member of staff working from home at this moment in time, meaning reply times may be slower than usual. Thank you for your patience)