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Thriving in Telford

Jumpers travelled back to Telford, again, for the 2nd edition of the Spring Cup qualifier. This was gymnasts last opportunity to try and post a score to get them qualified for the next stage, the National Age Group Open at the end of June.

Jumpers took a team of 10 trampoline gymnasts, 1 tumbler and 1 double mini trampoline gymnast. We managed to come back with 7 of them having taken part in a final and 2 of them achieving medals. Listed below is a more detailed report of each gymnast.

Within trampoline, Joseph Watson was in the 11 to 12 section and was looking to put out a new second routine with 3 more doubles in it. He encountered a slight mistake in his first routine but showed his resilience to hold his nerve and refocus for that change to the 2nd routine. He not only completed it but upped his PB second routine score by 0.2. Joseph finished in 16th position.

Sophie Yates was in the 11 to 12 category and put together 2 clean routines showing great form and HD in both routines, including a 9.6HD in her second routine to finish in 12th position.

Jayden Boreham was in the 13 to 14 and finished another difficult 2nd routine and hold his own to qualify for another final, within that final he added another 9.0 difficulty routine to his collection and finished in 5th place.

Ella Bahamondes was also in the 13 to 14, and was trying a new routine climbing into the 9.0 difficulty club, she qualified for the final in 8th and then upped her score to finish 6th.

Kian Terry took part in the 15 to 16 section and put together two good routines, particularly his 2nd routine which almost hit the 50 mark, which is a very competitive 2nd routine score. He made the final in 3rd, within the final a slight bit of travel caused him to stop his routine and finish in 6th position.

Mia Kelham was in the 15 to 16 section and put together two good routines showcasing her strength to hold onto a routine, she upped her score from the last competition by 3.2 marks and finishing in 11th place.

Holly Keeping was also in the 15 to 16 section and produced two great routines including achieving a personal battle with TOF in her first routine, she had been aiming to hit 14 and she hit 14.27. She finished in 9th but due to a withdrawal in the final got called back competed again and upped her 2nd routine score to finish in 6th place.

Josh Constable had a job to do in the 17 to 21 section as he hadn’t registered a good enough score yet. He put these concerns to bed with 2 great routines including a 2nd routine that hit 52.8. Within the final he encountered some issues but showed his strength to finish that routine, when most would have stopped and finish in 5th position.

James Ferrari was in the Mens Section and showed such determination to finish his first routine and hold long enough in his last skill to get a landing deduction rather than a stop of routine. In his second routine he unfortunately hit the side pad and rolled his ankle causing a massive sprain and an end to James’s competition. Keep fit and fighting James and always remember you have come back from worse.

Peter Buravytskiy made his return to Jumpers competition in the Mens section and looked right at home piecing routines back together, his blend of difficulty and cleverly placed singles created some great scores, making the final and finishing in 2nd with a score of 55.210.

Within DMT, Reece Buck flew the flag for Jumpers and pretty much owned his 5 passes, a slight tactical change to one still generated a great score but also showed Reece’s growth in thinking about the bigger picture, you can’t win a medal if you don’t make the final, Within that final he produced a strong first pass and then held on for his life to land his triple back pike and show great strength in his legs to get the decision in his favour. Reece finished in 1st position, which was really well deserved.

Within Tumbling, Jess Dawes was coming back from a foot injury and showed such power and passion to get herself down that track and land one of her double passes with a slight mistake in the other. She finished in 11th place but looks good for the next stage.

Big Thanks go to Mark Baker for judging all weekend, the coaching team of James Coomber, Ollie Reis and Ashley Reed were so proud of the team over the weekend. Big shout out as well to all staff that stayed and kept Jumpers running over the weekend whilst we were away.