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triumphant IN tELFORD

Jumpers took a team of 26 gymnasts to the second English Qualifier. 24 were taking part in the 2nd qualifier of the English series. Jess Welsh and Layla Davis however were taking part in their English Silver Tumbling Championships!

Layla produced 3 good passes, completing them all with no penalties in her first big competition and hopefully Layla will have many more to her name as she gets older. Layla finished in 16th position in the 9 to 10 female Level 4 Section.

Jess Welsh was in the 13 to 14 female grade 4 section and had around 20 people to contend with, she showed 3 good passes and made great choices with pass selection to finish in 4th place only 0.2 away from a medal position!

The remaining 24 gymnasts were using this competition as another qualifier to either try and get to the championships or work on passes/routines to be ready for the championships.

Lucas Hill Moorey was in the 11 to 12 male Silver DMT section and had a great first round, which included a brand new dismount, a full twisting back somersault, he was sitting in 4th after the first round and qualified to the top 8 final. His next job was trying to qualify for the top 4 final and after a solid pass with great landing he made it in 4th position. Within the final he performed his rudi for the first time to hold his position and come away with a 4th.

Mark Richardson was also in the 11 to 12 male Silver DMT section and completed good passes in the first round showing his persistence to keep going and define his shapes well. He finished in 8th and qualified for the next round. Within that final he produced a good 3rd pass to move up a position and finish in 7th place.

Alexa Jones was taking part in the 15 to 16 female DMT section and it’s fair to say she has only really come back from a long term ankle injury. Her first pass encountered some adrenlin and missed her first skill, Alexa didn’t let this dampen her spirits and she went for her next pass and almost managed to get it landed. Good job still for someone coming back from injury, Alexa finished in 9th place.

Canay Sagbasan was in the 17+ Female Silver Section and started with a strong pass, her 2nd saw so much power but distributed way too far forward and she actually cleared the DMT. This still held her in 6th position and a final qualified for, within that final she competed a good pass but with some travel in her dismount to finish in 4th 0.1 away from a medal position.

Elizabeth Lowings was also in the 17+ Female Silver section and competed some big passes with slight landing deductions to qualify to the final in 4th position. Within this final she held her nerve to land her last pass well and finish in 3rd position and bring home the bronze.

Summer Denniss was on day two in the 15 to 16 Female Gold DMT category, she had a real focus on improving her shapes and exits of doubles to finish the prelim in 6th position and qualify for the final. Within that final she was looking to compete and have her Double Back straight actually counted as Straight. She set it up well and held her line really well to land it and have it counted as straight and also finish in 4th position.

Olivia Breaker was in the 9 to 10 silver female trampoline section and after a wobbly start managed to fix up and put together a great second routine almost breaking a score of 40 (which for a 9 to 10) is pretty tricky. Olivia finished in 19th position.

Lucas Hill Moorey was in the 11 to 12 silver male trampoline section and made improvements in his jump height and also competed his 6.5 difficulty 2nd routine to break 40 and finish in 12th position.

Mark Richardson was also in the 11 to 12 silver male trampoline section and broke 11 TOF in both routines to score well and finish just below Lucas in 13th position.

Eme Ward took part in the 13 to 14 silver female trampoline section and after a great HD in her set, completed her Half Out for the first time in her 2nd routine to finish in 13th with a group size of over 40.

Ava Cherrington was also in the 13 to 14 silver female trampoline section and was doing her first national level competition for trampoline. She held her nerve and put together both routines with no major mistakes to finish in 35th position.

Alice Feazey Noble was in the 17+ silver female trampoline section and produced a great first routine making big improvements. She sensibly downed difficulty in her 2nd routine to ensure she finished and wound up with a good final score and a 9th position.

Emma Brown was also in the 17+ silver female trampoline section and showed great TOF in her first routine but unfortunately encountered some travel in her 2nd to hit the end deck. Emma finished in 23rd position.

Canay Sagbasan was back for the 17+ silver female trampoline section but did not have the best time. She sadly fell in both routines but showed great character to stand strong and present to those judges with a smile on her face.

Sophie Yates was in the Youth female gold section and produced two good routines, her TOF is making improvements and her strong HD definitely helps her out, Sophie finished in 6th position.

Joseph Watson was in the Youth male gold section and hit some good targets and quite impressively managed to achieve a 10 HD in his 2nd routine which means his ability to stay in the middle was perfect. Joseph finish in 2nd position, bringing the Silver Medal.

Ella Bahamondes-Tedham was in the Junior female gold section and showed beautiful form in her first routine scoring 9’s, within her second routine she found a lot of travel but still finished and ended up with a 7th position.

Jayden Boreham was in the Junior male gold section and after a well-executed first routine was trying to compete a new skill in his 2nd routine. He did this well but then discovered some travel but again held his nerve to stay strong and finish with a position of 5th.

Kian Terry was in the Junior male gold section and had a rough time in the warm up with a few side pad landings but showed his great character to not let it affect him, he competed a great set and the move that caused problems in the warm up he finished and held on to complete a 2nd routine, finishing in 4th position.

Louise Brownsey was in the Senior female gold section and after crashing both routines at English Qualifier 1 was keen to wipe that from the memory. Her first routine showed her true ability and scored a massive 53.3 ( biggest female score of the whole comp) this gave her enough to finish the comp in 1st position.

Josh Constable was in the Senior male gold trampoline section and within his first routine showed the best start to a 2 triple somersault routine he has ever done, sadly towards the end of the routine Josh encountered what he lovingly described as a brain fart and couldn’t remember how many moves he had left. Josh managed to post a better score in routine 2 but an out bounce to end deck ended up costing him a medal position finishing in 4th place.

James Ferrari was another in the Senior male gold trampoline section and has wonderfully come back from an ankle injury not that long ago. He played it safe and to allow his ankle more chance and managed to post a good score to finish in 6th position.

Tyler Boreham was again in the Senior male gold trampoline section and was going for a personal target of hitting between 47 and 48 for a routine score. Within his 2nd routine he jumped well and held his lines to finish with a score of 47.605, hit his target and finish in 7th place.

Ashley Reed was our last Senior male gold trampoline gymnast and had a rather shaky comp. He did finish his first routine but will openly admit it had its problems, his second also encountered some problems but Ashley takes it all in his stride and shows great mental toughness.

All our English Series gymnasts, now wait to see whether they have qualified for the championships, there was lots of workings out and estimations but now just sit back, relax and wait for the results. But, this English Qualifier was a great success, so great work Team Jumpers!

Big thanks to Martin Laws and Mark Baker for judging all weekend in great heat so our athletes could take part.

The coaching team of James Coomber, Ollie Reis, Ashley Reed and James Ferrari really enjoyed working with everyone and were impressed with how much growth, improvements and great characteristics were being shown.